AITech Interview with Neda Nia, Chief Product Officer at Stibo Systems

Neda, please share some key milestones and experiences from your professional journey that have shaped your perspective and approach as Chief Product Officer at Stibo Systems.

I have the honor of mentoring a couple of young leaders, and they ask this question a lot. The answer I always give is that I approach each day as an opportunity to learn, so it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific milestone. However, there have been some crucible moments where I made radical decisions, and I think those moments have influenced my journey. One of them was my shift towards computer science. Despite having a background in linguistics and initially aspiring to be a teacher, I took a complete shift and decided to explore computer science. Programming was initially intimidating for me, and I had always tried to avoid math throughout my student life. I saw myself more as an art and literature person, and that gutsy shift turned out to be a great decision in the long term. The decision was made by me, but it wouldn’t have turned into a success without support from my mentors and leaders – it’s super important to have champions around you to guide you, especially early in your career.

Another significant moment was when I accepted a consulting job that involved phasing out legacy systems. This required negotiating with users who would lose functionalities they had been using for years. These conversations were often challenging, and I was tempted to quit. However, I made the decision to stay and tackle the problem with a more compassionate approach towards the application users. It was during this time that I truly understood the nature of change management in the product development process. People find it difficult to let go of their routines and what has made them successful. The more successful users are with their apps, the less likely they are to embrace change. However, sometimes solutions become outdated and need to be replaced – plain and simple. The challenge is how to build a changing product while ensuring that users come along. This story applies to Stibo Systems. We have been around for over 100 years and have managed to transform our business. Stibo Systems is a perfect example of how to build lasting products, be open to change and transformation and make sure you aren’t leaving any customers behind.

Could you provide an overview of Stibo Systems’ mission and how it aligns with the concept of “better data, better business, better world”?

Our heritage extends far back, but we are a cutting-edge technology company. We specialize in delivering data management products that empower companies to make informed decisions, resulting in remarkable outcomes. This approach not only contributes to our sustainable growth but also supports our profitability, allowing us to reinvest and expand.

Our mission statement encapsulates our business ethos – one with a strong sense of conscientiousness. Our primary focus revolves around doing what’s right for our customers, employees and the environment. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our priorities, evident in our high software license renewal rates, a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch products and services.

Moreover, we hold a unique position in the market as one of the few major companies headquartered in Europe. Europe is facing increasing pressure to embrace sustainable practices, and we are actively engaged in leading this transformation.

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