Moana Coloring Pages

Moana Coloring Pages

Moana Coloring Pages. We've been introduced to many incredible stories thanks to Disney and Pixar, but Moana has yet to rank as one of the most incredible! This remarkable story features a bright and exotic story and setting, and these free Moana coloring pages for kids are here to help you relive that journey.

These 15 pages are free to enjoy as much as you want! You can also share them with other people you know to enjoy. When you've colored your favorite pages, you can share your finished pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see and enjoy.

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25 New Moana Coloring Pages – Gratis to Print and Color

We've got an adorable Moana Printable coloring Pages sheet for you to tackle right here! This one references points in the movie where we see our main character as a little kid, and you can only wonder what he's doing here.

If you have an idea of what you might be doing here, you can show it off by drawing some extra details and things you can interact with. You could even make an imaginative scene around her to show what she imagines around her in this scene!

What Kind of Configurations Can You Come Up With for this Page?

The next page may be a close-up of our heroine, but we can still see many unique details in her outfit. There are some intricate designs on her outfit that you could add tons of colors to. When you color her outfit, you can use the shades she is seen in the flick or create a new look for Moana. For details in this drawing, you can use some colored pencils or pens to make it easier to color these smaller parts.

What Kind of Colors Will You Use for Her Outfit?

Moana is reported for her oar skills, and she posed with her oar on this first carrier of our pack of free Moana coloring pages for kids. The background has been left large and blank here, so you can draw from a background setting to bring this scene to life.

Is there a Moment From the Movie that You Would Like to Recreate Here?

In the movie, we see much of Moana's life from when she was a child to when she was a teenager. Here we can see her in her younger years as she investigates a shell on the beach. This is such a cute scene that captures this character's curiosity!

How Will You Do Even Better With Your Colors?

Next, we have a genuinely fantastic portrayal of Maui, one of the most popular characters in the movie. He is well known for his many intricate tattoos, all portrayed in great detail here. We've mentioned how he can use colored pens, pencils, or markers for intricate details, and we think they would be handy for these tattoos. If you want to paint this page, you can get brushes with excellent tips, which help color these smaller spaces.

It May Take a Bit of Patience, But it's Worth it in the End!

The next page in our pack of free Moana shade pages for kids is a genuinely classic posture for this character. She loves rowing and the sea, so it doesn't hurt that she posed with her trusty paddle. The pose also gives us a full view of the character so that you can color all the details of her outfit.

We would use blues and greens to make the background look like an ocean. You could even go further and draw an ocean background! Young Moana is back for more coloring fun in the following image. She is pleased and looks for something that has caught her eye.

What Might He Be Looking for?

You could draw a fun detail for her to reach for and add to this scene, and there are so many things you could do if you do! The next page captures the spirit and bravery of this character. When you color it, you can use the film as a reference if you want it to be true to the screen. Alternatively, you can create a unique look for Moana using your unique colors! Here we have another image that shows Moana posing with her paddle.

The frame has been pulled back in this image, making it smaller on the page. This leaves the bottom completely open, so you can do all sorts of creative things to fill it up! One idea would be to draw some designs and shapes referring to the imprints on her clothing or the Maui tattoos. Another option is to draw a scene in the background, which is a great course to recreate a favorite stage from the movie!

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