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In the first quarter of 2023, the price trend of sodium citrate in Asia enjoyed an upward trajectory, driven by a significant rise in domestic and international inquiries that boosted sales and prices. Some producers had to increase their production rates to meet the growing demand, preventing shortages.

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However, the second quarter followed a bearish trend as trading activities in the food and pharmaceutical sectors gradually declined, reflecting reduced demand for sodium citrate. Export orders from China also decreased due to weak economic activity, contributing to the price decline.

Similarly, in Europe, the first quarter saw a steep price increase due to increased consumer interest and limited stock availability, but the second quarter witnessed a gradual decline, influenced by poor performance in the citric acid sector and reduced demand from downstream industries. North America experienced a similar trend, with a first-quarter price surge driven by the food and pharmaceutical industries and the influx of expensive imports from China. However, in the second quarter, declining citric acid prices and economic instability hindered the recovery of the sodium citrate price trend.


Sodium citrate, a sodium salt of citric acid, is a crystalline compound with diverse applications. It is known for its excellent chelating properties, making it valuable in the food and beverage industry as a preservative and flavor enhancer. Sodium citrate acts as an emulsifying agent in cheese products, contributing to a smooth texture. It is also used in medicine as an anticoagulant in blood transfusions and as an alkalizing agent in medications. Sodium citrate exhibits a pH buffering capacity, maintaining acidity in various products. Its ability to complex with metal ions makes it a versatile compound in many industrial processes, from food production to pharmaceuticals and beyond.

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Industrial Uses Impacting the Sodium citrate Price Trend:

Sodium citrate, a versatile compound, finds extensive industrial application across several sectors. In the food industry, it serves as a food additive, acting as an emulsifier, preservative, and flavor enhancer. It contributes to the stability and texture of processed cheese products, preventing separation and ensuring a creamy consistency. Sodium citrate is utilized in the beverage industry to control acidity and enhance flavor in soft drinks and fruit-flavored beverages. In the pharmaceutical field, it plays a crucial role as an anticoagulant in blood transfusion bags, preventing clotting during storage. Additionally, sodium citrate is employed in the cosmetic industry as a pH regulator in skincare products. Its chelating properties make it valuable in various industrial processes, including water treatment and metal cleaning, by binding to metal ions and preventing their undesired interactions. Sodium citrate's versatility and safety profile make it an indispensable component in many industrial applications.

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  • Pan Chem Corporation
  • Jungbunzlauer Suisse AG
  • Cargill Incorporated
  • ADM
  • ATP Group

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