Unconventional Sims 4 Wicked Jobs for Adventurous Souls

Let your Sims 4 Wicked Jobs strut their stuff in this fashion-forward career. Sims can choose to work as a model, designer or fashion journalist.

This mod adds custom interactions and a new career progression. Sims at level seven of the trend setter branch or 10 of the stylist branch can create fashion trends (feminine or masculine). Sims can also practice modeling in the mirror and walk the runway.

Style Board

The Sims 4 Wicked Jobs Style Board is a new fashion work from home item that Sims can add photos, sketches and fabric swatches to. The more Sims add to the board, the higher their fashion skill goes.

The mod also includes a new outfit that Sims can wear at work. It’s available for male & female Sims & includes shorts, socks, t-shirts & floral dresses.

There are two fashion career tracks in the mod: Trend Setter & Designer. The former lets Sims clad themselves in the latest clothing trends to appear in fashion magazines and catwalk events. The latter allows Sims to create custom fashion designs that they can sell for profit. Sims can also write fashion articles as part of the career.

Impression Moodle's

Whenever your Sims 4 Wicked Jobs receives a new impression Moodle (after talking about art with the new painting table or their friend, after a fashion article, etc.) they can pin it on the Trending Style Board to get inspired and increase work performance.

Sims can also gather impressions through the quick sketch option on the new drawing table and by chatting with other Sims about fashion trends. They can also record a fashion guide or add to a fashion blog. These interactions can also raise fame levels if you have the Get Famous Mod installed.

This mod requires my Mood Pack Mod (one tiny lightweight lone package file). It contains two optional moodlet modules; one has time decay (sentiments last 5 days and gradually leave over time) and the other doesn't.

Trend Setter

Upon completion of the Work from Home projects Sims will receive an impression moodlet and they can pin it to their style board. They can also write fashion articles for money which unlocks some neat abilities.

If a Sim reaches level 6 of the stylist or level 8 of the trend setter career they can start giving other sims makeovers which is great for those uglier townies! They can also sell photos to publication and sign autographs for fans.

There is one bug that has been reported in the mod, and that is when a Sim has a work from home task to check-in at a gym or park it doesn't log them doing it. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Otherwise it's a great mod for the Fashion career!


The Stylist is a nice addition to the Fashion career, Sims will enjoy giving ugly and poorly dressed townies a new look. You'll also unlock neat abilities that allow you to start fashion trends and publish fashion articles for money.

As your Sim progresses through the Stylist career they will get a digital sketch pad which can be used to satisfy painting skill requirements and the ability to write fashion articles on a computer. These articles actually count towards your career performance even when off the clock.

The Sims 4 Wicked Jobs Fashion Career Mod by brittpinkiesims allows you to change the outfits that your students and teachers wear for their different careers. It's base game compatible and shouldn't conflict with any other mods that you may have installed.

Fashion Articles

The fashion article writer career gives Sims a way to be published for money (and fame with the Get Famous expansion pack). Sims who want to work as journalists will love this career, which also rewards them when they write good articles. Read more on : TheSims4Mods.

If your Sims 4 Wicked Jobs is a bit of a social media influencer, they might enjoy the Blogger Career mod that lets them publish their work for a paycheck. This is a great way for them to practice their writing and photography skills while getting paid for it.

For a more traditional career, there's the Wedding Planner Career that allows them to advance up the ranks at Starbucks to become a supervisor. This mod is not an active career like the ones that are available in base game, but it is still fun to try out.

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