Going on a Road Trip? Don’t Forget Your RV Awning Mat!

When you are going on a road trip, you need to ensure that you have all of your necessities (of course) along with all of your added accessories! Some RVers will argue that an awning mat isn’t a necessity but we (and many other truly seasoned RV drivers) would argue against that: RV awning mats are absolutely a necessary component of your road trip experience!

Having an awning mat for your RV can offer you an abundance of advantages, many of which shouldn’t be disregarded! So what makes these seemingly unimportant accessories so necessary? Well, keep on truckin’ through this article and you’ll find just five excellent reasons that you need an RV awning mat on your next road trip!

1. Best Protection for the Grass

While driving on interstates for hours on end makes up a majority of your trip, you’ll naturally need to stop and rest, most likely at campgrounds and/or RV parks. When you do so, you’ll likely want to pop up a chair and enjoy the great outdoors. However, you should have an awning mat below you to best protect the grass you sit on from any damage!

These mats are specifically designed to provide proper airflow and sunlight while they are on top of grass. That way, when you leave, the grass won’t be deprived of those two important elements to live. They’ll keep on being green and beautiful long after you leave!

2. Provide You and Your Guests a Comfortable Place to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

When you have other people “hanging out” with you outside your RV, you want everyone to be comfortable. You can make sure that is the case if you have an awning mat in your outdoor area! This can keep everyone cleaner from dirt, dust, and mud and even add a bit of extra cushion if you’re positioned on hard ground!

3. Decrease Mud and Dirt from Being Dragged Inside Your RV

You know just how irksome it is to have mud, dirt, and grass tracked into your RV! You can drastically lessen the occurrences of such messes inside your RV if you lay out an awning mat right outside your door. This is because they have holes in them to allow dirt and dust to go through them and onto the ground below them– and not linger on people’s feet and into your RV!

4. Add Instant Outdoor Decor

Outdoor decor isn’t always easy to bring along, set up, and take down when you’re on the road. However, that doesn’t mean you should completely deprive yourself of an enticing and warm ambiance while you’re outside your rig!

By laying out an awning mat, you’ll be drastically improving the aesthetics of your RV while also having a piece of outdoor decor that is functional and easy to store!

5. Catch Some Rays, Grill Up Some Burgers, or Anything You Want with Comfort

No matter what you choose to do outside of your RV in your downtime, you can do so efficiently and comfortably with the help of an awning mat. You can lay out your mat and catch some rays, have a cat nap, grill up some burgers, enjoy some lunch or dinner, tell ghost stories, play outdoor games– anything you’d like, all with impressive comfort and ease!

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