Rodent Control Abbotsford: How to get rid of rodents from Gardens?

Garden rats could be an annoyance. They can eat through your crops, set up residence in your compost, and create complex tunnel systems in your soil. We're all sick of trying to keep them at bay, so people are looking for advice on where to perform rodent control Abbotsford services around them.

Fruits, vegetables, seeds, bulbs, plants, and even containers can all suffer damage at the hands of rodents. They can pose a threat to human and animal health by spreading disease and parasites.

What are the common rat signs in the garden?

When compared to the feces of a mouse, that of a rat is unmistakable in both size and shape. Size-wise (9–14mm) and color-wise (dark brown), they resemble enormous grains of rice. If you see or hear anything like this, then rats are likely residing in your yard or nearby. Other indications of rodent presence include:

Rodents have left droppings on food packaging, in drawers, cabinets, and even under the sink. Nests are in shredded paper, linen, or even dried plants. There is an evidence of chew on food packaging. The walls and floor have been gnawed through, providing places of entry.

Getting rid of our food and water supply

Any supplies of sustenance or water in your garden will attract rats. Be on the lookout for leaking faucets and birdbaths. At night, take away the pet's water and food bowls. When composting, it's important to thoroughly bury all organic waste. Keep trash can covers secure and don't let trash bags sit out for too long.

Maintain a healthy yard by cutting the grass

Mice and rats are frequently visible in wood piles, tall grass, and leaf piles. You can maintain a healthy yard by cutting the grass and pulling the weeds on a regular basis. To eliminate potential mouse or rat hiding spots, clear the area of any and all remnants of vegetation. Composting requires a sealed container and a location as far from your house as possible.

Safeguard that garbage can

Remove all food waste and replace it with plenty of green and brown stuff to keep the bin or heap moist (which rats hate). It's possible that watering the pile will deter them. To prevent rodents from entering the bin through the bottom, installing chicken wire there is a good idea.

Traps should be placed in key areas of the home

Glue boards and snap traps may seem archaic. But they perform a superb job of catching and killing mice and rats. Glue boards and traps should be placed in key areas of the home. This can include with under the kitchen sink and along the walls in the crawl space and attic, regardless of whether or not you have a rodent problem.


Contacting a professional pest control Abbotsford is your safest option if you are concerned about rats roosting in your garden or rodents penetrating your home. The professional will be able to accurately diagnose your rodent problem. They will eradicate the infestation thanks to their extensive training and experience.

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