AITech Interview with Ricardo Buranello, Senior VP at Telit Cinterion

What would be your valuable advice for budding entrepreneurs and industry professionals?

To budding entrepreneurs and industry professionals, I offer this valuable advice: place a profound emphasis on your customers. Cultivate an obsession with understanding them on a deep level. Dive into the intricacies of their challenges, and endeavor to craft solutions that precisely address these issues.

An important lesson to remember is to avoid the common pitfall of creating solutions in search of problems. This sounds funny but it is surprisingly common. Instead, start by identifying genuine problems within the market. Let these authentic needs guide your innovation, ensuring that your efforts are purpose-driven and aligned with real-world demands.

By prioritizing your customers’ needs, adopting a problem-first approach and consistently refining your offerings based on feedback, you can forge a path to success that is both impactful and sustainable.

Could you elaborate on the key strategies or actions you have implemented or plan to implement?

Regarding our key strategies and actions, we’re actively expanding our team in both research and development, as well as in customer-facing roles. This growth is instrumental in enhancing our capabilities and ensuring effective support for our clients.

A pivotal focus is on the introduction of comprehensive end-to-end solutions. These solutions are strategically designed to empower customers to swiftly achieve results using our deviceWISE platform. By streamlining the adoption process, we’re enabling clients to accelerate their journey towards IoT integration and maximize the benefits of our technology.

Furthermore, we’re deeply committed to harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a transformative force for industrial productivity. Our investment in AI technology underscores our belief in its capacity to revolutionize operations and enhance efficiency in the industrial landscape. This commitment drives us to develop and deliver unique AI-driven products that stand at the forefront of innovation.

A recent milestone includes the launch of our “connected machine offer.” This pioneering solution empowers machine builders with a comprehensive turnkey package for delivering connected machines. This offering opens doors for machines-as-a-service models, remote support capabilities and an array of additional functionalities, thereby enabling our clients to stay ahead in the competitive market.

In essence, our strategies encompass team expansion, holistic end-to-end solutions, AI integration and innovative product launches.

Please share your source of inspiration for exploring various facets of technology.

My source of inspiration for exploring various facets of technology stems from a profound curiosity about the boundless possibilities that technology offers to reshape and elevate our world. The rapid evolution of technology has the potential to revolutionize industries, enhance human experiences, and solve complex challenges.

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