Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Planmeca CBCT System

Planmeca has earned the reputation of being a global leader in healthcare technology and is the largest privately-held manufacturer of professional dental equipment in the world. Dentists recognize the quality of Planmeca’s ProMax line of 2D and 3D imaging systems, as well as the software solutions that accompany them.

If you’re seriously considering a Planmeca CBCT purchase for your practice, either by recommendation, reputation, or because you currently operate with Planmeca equipment in another office or are replacing a Planmeca, get started with our help guide below.

Where to Start?

Many practices start their search online to find a reputable distributor of dental imaging equipment. Others seek referrals directly from colleagues and partners. Else, you’ve found a seller via a tradeshow, conference, or other event. Research and understand your options, CBCT machines are a significant investment for your practice and there are numerous and affordable routes to buy out there.

What Are the Unit’s Specifications?

Size – Make sure it will fit without having to remodel your entire office! Be sure to consider actual as well as recommended dimensions, since patients and staff will need to get around it and in it. Also, think about OSHA requirements and managing wheelchair patients and those with disabilities.

Power – What type of power connection is needed? Is it a standard 110 or 220V plug? Is the unit sensitive to power fluctuations or storms that are common to certain areas? Do I need a dedicated line?

(If Used) Age & Use – Like mileage on a car, most X-ray machines keep track of how many images have been captured. Is the machine heavily or lightly used?

What Is Included with My Purchase and What Additional Items Should I Budget for?

Consider and be aware of these extra charges when purchasing refurbished dental equipment, especially CBCT machines:

Current X-Ray – How am I going to dispose of that and how much will that cost? Does it have any value? If so, can I trade it in to help offset my purchase?

Shipping – Is there a shipping fee? Properly crating and shipping heavy and delicate dental X-ray machines is expensive. Be leery of companies offering free shipping. What happens if the item is damaged in shipping if improperly packaged and handled?

Tax – Does the vendor I am purchasing from have NEXUS in my state, and if they do, should I be paying taxes? Beware of national pre-owned equipment sellers that don’t charge sales tax.

Computer – Digital dental X-ray machines require at least one acquisition computer. Who is providing that? What are the specifications, especially for larger, more robust dental cone beam images? How much will the computers needed throughout the practice cost?

Networking – How will my images be shared across the network? Is my current software/network sufficient, especially for dental cone beam images? Can I manage this on my own or should I contact a professional?

Software – What software comes with the machine? How many licenses do I get? How will my practice management and imaging software be integrated? Who will take care of that, the imaging equipment or software vendor?

Installation – Is there an extra cost for installation? Who does the installation, the refurbished dental equipment vendor or a third party? Will the vendor stand behind the work if done by a third party?

Training – How will I receive training for my X-ray? Dental cone beam requires training for properly capturing, reading and manipulating the dental cone beam scans.

Ongoing Service – How will ongoing service and support be handled for the dental equipment? What about replacement parts? How long will replacement parts be available for the used X-ray machine(s) I am considering?

What Are the Seller’s Credentials?

Make sure you are buying your Planmeca equipment from a reputable source. Be sure to ask questions such as:

How many units have they sold? Do they have references or online reviews? Be sure to actually contact references. Ask specific direct questions about their experience(s) to solicit honest answers.

Do they employ their own technicians, or do they utilize the services of third-party providers? If they have their own technicians, how are they trained? How much experience do they have? Are they registered to perform service in your state, if required?

How about the company’s remote support technicians? How long have they worked with dental equipment, particularly dental X-ray machines and dental cone beam systems?

Do they have a team that helps manage the installation process or am I going to have to figure it out myself? What about regulatory considerations? Does the company have a specific focus or do they sell all types of dental equipment?

More Questions? Consider Renew Digital

These are just some of the questions you should ask when considering purchasing a Planmeca CBCT machine. To get answers to these and more questions, consider evaluating the leading provider of used dental imaging equipment, Renew Digital.

Renew Digital has over 10 years of experience selling certified pre-owned dental imaging equipment, speaking with dental professionals across the country to connect them with the right machine at the right price.

Not sure if Planmeca is right for you? Their sales representatives take a brand-neutral approach. They can speak with you about the current and previous generation models of a variety of brands to fit your unique practice needs. Plus, they can often talk to you about trading in your existing equipment towards your purchase price.

Find dental imaging equipment that works best for you with a call to their sales reps at (888) 246-5611, or complete an online form.

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