Alessio Alionco, Founder & CEO at Pipefy – AITech Interview

What role does AI technology play in Pipefy’s products or services? How do you leverage AI to enhance your offerings?

AI is the new frontier for digital transformation in general, and no-code in particular.  It holds enormous potential for both process automation and operational efficiency. Where these two intersect, that’s where Pipefy really shines.

Pipefy AI enhances our existing platform by helping teams solve some of their most complex and time-consuming challenges, such as pulling critical insights from their data, or building more efficient processes. By simply telling Pipefy AI what is needed, users can access complex data analysis and create the best version of their process in mere seconds.

We also partner with technologies that are using AI in other ways. For example, our partner ABBYY uses AI to enhance their document processing capabilities. Partnerships like these allow our customers to get even more benefits from AI to drive efficiency and deliver optimization to an extent only dreamed of just a few years or even months ago.

What motivated you to start Pipefy, and what is the mission and vision behind the company?

Our vision has always been to help people build better processes, because we know business success depends not just on what gets done, but how it gets done. Good processes deliver good results and create great user experiences.

Prior to developing Pipefy, I worked in companies where problems with processes and standards of execution were major liabilities, impeding growth and preventing teams from achieving their goals. For example, processes that are bogged down by manual work, or which rely too much on spreadsheets and email threads.

In these scenarios, the work takes too much time and effort to complete. Managers don’t have visibility or control over their processes. Data is fragmented and fragile, so that information remains decentralized and stuck in silos.

A lot of businesses I knew were grappling with the problem of operational efficiency, which inhibited their ability to stay competitive and meet their goals. Some companies were aware that there was a goldmine of efficiency gains hiding in their workflows and processes, but the software tools available to them were too rigid to deliver efficiency across the organization, or they were cost prohibitive due to the endless customizations and add-ons needed to keep them relevant.

With Pipefy, I wanted to create a tool that offered all of the features and capabilities needed to achieve operational efficiency, and also flexible enough to accommodate any type of process or workflow, without burning through the company’s IT resources. The Pipefy solution meets both of these requirements because it gives business teams an adaptable no-code tool they can use to solve many inefficiencies themselves, no matter the department or process.

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