Lookout VP, Strategy, Research & Innovation, Brian Buck – AITech Interview

Could you delve deeper into Lookout’s strategy for achieving its mission of ensuring a secure digital future?

As the leading provider of Data-Centric Cloud Security, we work to set a new standard for helping businesses protect the sensitive data and information they care about most. Today, the boundary between enterprise and personal data has all but disappeared.  A common software vulnerability can compromise a large, global company, which in turn can expose the personal information of millions of its customers.  And the reality is that regardless of corporate policies, people use the device that is in front of them to do both business work and personal tasks. People work from home, where the pace of corporate work intermeshes with the demands of home and family. An organization’s employees have personal presence on social media, and the history of data breaches combined with privacy-invasive tracking mean that there is an enormous amount of data about employees in the dark web, and attackers, who always use the easiest and least defended path to attack, are targeting employees as a means to gain access to enterprise data.

This reality requires a bold new approach to data protection—one that’s easy, automatic, and transparent. Our mission is to secure and empower productivity while keeping privacy a top priority in a world where work can happen anywhere. We do this by offering both mobile threat defense and security service edge (SSE) solutions to enterprise and government organizations.

Many individuals express concerns that AI might potentially compromise digital security. In the light of this, could you elaborate on Lookout’s perspective and approach towards leveraging AI, as exemplified by Lookout SAIL, to enhance cybersecurity effectiveness?

AI is playing an increasingly important role in cybersecurity. In fact, last year, Acumen Research and Consulting put out a report valuing the global market for AI-based cybersecurity products at $14.9 billion in 2021 with an estimated value of $133.8 billion by 2030. However, many say hackers are reaping the benefits as well, considering AI-generated phishing emails have higher rates of being opened than manually crafted phishing emails. So it’s important to be mindful when creating and deploying AI-powered products. For us, we thought about what our customers need the most in light of talent shortages in the industry and decided on a generative AI assistant to help them use our Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security and Lookout Cloud Security solutions to the fullest and with significant time savings.

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