cyberconIQ, Founder Dr. James Norrie – AITech Interview

Can you tell us about your background and journey that led you to establish cyberconIQ?

I am both an academic and a consultant/entrepreneur who has been studying technology trends, information privacy and security issues and considering the impact of disinformation on society for many years.  In both my professional practice and personal experience, cybersecurity – and now AI which will rapidly transform this important issue even further – are technology problems with a human dimension that more technology alone cannot fix.  So we need to blend psychology and technology better together in order to address the human elements of cybersecurity risk with proven behavioral science methods instead of simply pretending that humans are programmable like machines – they are not.  Knowing something is not the same as doing something, so we founded cyberconIQ to create pathways to voluntary changes in user behavior that creates a security 1st culture inside any organization more effectively than generic training that is unengaging and has proven to not have any meaningful impact on user behavior.

Dr. Norrie, could you please explain how cyberconIQ’s proprietary platform utilizes behavioral psychology to measure and manage personalized cybersecurity training and education programs?

By blending in proven elements of behavioral science including trait-based personality theory, understanding habituation and pattern interrupts as well as  the value of supporting humans as part of the solution instead of the problem, we EMPOWER  humans as your last line of organization defense against increasingly sophisticated attacks. Additionally, we can prove in side-by-side client studies that we can virtually eliminate phishing as a significant risk to your organization using this patented method.

Often, there is a gap between the technology implemented by organizations and the potential for human error. How can individuals and organizations bridge this gap to create a more robust cybersecurity posture?

I opened with the premise that more technology cannot solve a problem that new technology originally created.  That is because for most technologies, there is still an operator who is a human.  And humans are not programmable just because they are told what they should do, does not mean that they will do it.  So how do you inspire individuals to think of themselves not as a weak link in the chain, but the strongest?  And then use that dedication to new security habits to improve your organizations overall security posture one human and one style at a time?  And it works. Very well.

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