Cobalt Market Size, Report, Growth, Trends 2023-2028

The global cobalt market is expected to continue its upward trajectory, exhibiting steady growth in the years to come. According to industry experts, the market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.90% during the forecast period of 2023-2028. In 2022, the market volume stood at 306.47 KMT, and it is estimated to reach a volume of 183.75 KMT by 2028, according to data provided by the International Data and Experts (IDE).

Cobalt, a vital element in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and energy storage, is witnessing increasing demand due to its unique properties. The growing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and the need for efficient energy storage solutions are key factors driving the demand for cobalt globally.

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Key points defining the global cobalt market include:

Increasing Electric Vehicle (EV) Adoption: The surge in demand for EVs, fueled by the push for sustainable transportation and government incentives, has led to a significant increase in cobalt consumption. Cobalt is a crucial component in lithium-ion batteries used in EVs, contributing to their performance and range.

Rapid Growth in Energy Storage: The energy storage sector, encompassing grid-scale energy storage systems and residential energy storage solutions, is experiencing substantial growth. Cobalt is an essential element in energy storage technologies, such as lithium-ion batteries, ensuring efficient energy storage and discharge.

Technological Advancements: Ongoing technological advancements are driving the demand for cobalt. Innovations in renewable energy systems, portable electronics, and aerospace applications require cobalt for its thermal stability, durability, and conductivity.

Geographical Distribution: The cobalt market is geographically diversified, with key regions including the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Australia, Russia, Canada, and others. The DRC is the largest producer of cobalt, accounting for a significant share of the global market.

The global cobalt market is witnessing intense competition among key players, including mining companies, manufacturers, and battery producers. Market participants are focusing on securing cobalt resources, investing in efficient mining and refining processes, and exploring sustainable sourcing practices.

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Market Segmentation

Lithium-ion Batteries: Cobalt is primarily used in lithium-ion batteries, which power various devices and vehicles, including electric vehicles (EVs), portable electronics, and energy storage systems. This segment focuses on the demand for cobalt in the battery industry.

Superalloys: Cobalt is also a vital component in the production of superalloys, which are used in aerospace, gas turbine engines, and other high-temperature applications. This segment caters to the cobalt demand in the superalloy industry.

Catalysts: Cobalt-based catalysts play a crucial role in chemical reactions, such as petroleum refining and chemical synthesis. This segment covers the cobalt market within the catalyst industry.

Magnetic Materials: Cobalt is used in the production of magnetic materials, such as magnets and magnetic alloys, which find applications in electronics, automotive, and renewable energy sectors. This segment focuses on the cobalt demand in the magnetic materials industry.

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