The Best Music Vibration Headphones Feature

Positive vibration xl offers a premium listening experience with a house of Marley signature sound, deep bass, and crystal clear highs. It also has a built-in battery providing 24 hours of playtime.

Its sleek design and sustainable materials set it apart from other headphones. The ear cups are made of aluminum and the headband is padded with REWIND fabric weaved from recycled materials.

Comfortable Design

The Positive Vibration XL ANC Headphones feature hybrid active noise cancelation technology that creates a seal around your ears. It helps eliminate distracting ambient sound, leaving you with a full and immersive music experience. It is designed with premium comfort in mind, featuring soft foam ear cushions that are comfortable even during long listening sessions.

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The headphones are lightweight, making them portable and easy to carry. They also fold up, allowing for easy storage. They are available in black, blue, and copper, all of which have a sleek design and are made with quality materials.

House of Marley has made a conscious effort to use eco-friendly and sustainable materials for its headphones. They’re built using FSC-certified wood and recycled aluminum, which makes them durable and stylish. These materials also make the headphones a great choice for people who want to support sustainable brands.

The headphones’ ear cups have 40mm drivers, which produce crisp and clear audio. They have a strong and deep bass response, making them perfect for all genres of music. They also have a unique look that will stand out in a crowd.

House of Marley’s headphones are one of the best in the price range. They have a comfortable design and excellent battery performance. The headphones also come with a soft carrying bag and a tangle-free braided AUX cable.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Despite the minimalist design, these headphones deliver a premium listening experience for hours on end. The soft memory foam ear cushions and headband provide long-term comfort during use, and the foldable design makes them easy to transport and store. The onboard microphone and remote allow you to make hands-free calls and control music playback, while the tangle-free auxiliary cable ensures a hassle-free listening experience.

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With the latest iteration of this House of Marley headphone series, you can enjoy a whopping 26 hours of playtime with the ANC feature activated or 35 hours when it's off. This over-ear headphone uses 40 mm HD drivers to pump your favorite tunes, and the noise-cancellation technology helps block out distracting ambient sounds without affecting sound quality.

The ear cups and headband are made of durable recycled materials that make for a fashionable accessory that's also environmentally friendly. House of Marley takes its eco-consciousness a step further by partnering with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every pair of its headphones sold.

This House of Marley product is a great choice for bass lovers who want an inexpensive set of wireless headphones with decent noise canceling and a comfortable fit. However, its frequency response doesn't quite match the accuracy of more expensive competitors like the Monoprice BT-600ANC. Additionally, its ANC doesn't block out as much background noise as some of the more advanced options on the market.

Wireless Connectivity

The House of Marley Positive Vibration XL ANC headphones are a great choice for anyone looking to get into ANC headphones without spending $300 or more. They're crafted from FSC-certified wood and recyclable aluminum, so you can feel good about listening to music while also helping the environment. Plus, they offer a premium look and feel that you might expect from more expensive headphones.

They can be used wirelessly or connected via the 3.5mm headphone jack, and both options provide excellent audio quality. They also have a USB-C quick-charge function and an LED indicator that shows you how much battery life remains. The ear cups can be swiveled and folded, and the headphones are lightweight and sturdy. They have a premium presence that should put them in a higher price bracket, and the memory foam ear cushions are soft and comfortable.

These headphones use two microphones, one in each earcup, to help cancel out background noise while talking on the phone or podcasting. They're hybrid ANC headphones, so you can choose to use the mic only for calls or activate the ANC feature when listening to music. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection is super stable, with only the occasional short hiccup or distortion. They work normally even over two walls, which is rare for headphones in this price range.

Foldable Design

Designed with premium comfort during extended listening sessions in mind, the foldable headphones feature soft foam ear cushions and durable recycled materials. The earcups can be swiveled 90 degrees one way and then folded flat with a clicky mechanism. The headband is made from REWIND fabric weaved from a mix of organic cotton, reclaimed hemp, and recycled plastic bottles for sustainable construction and a sleek look. The aluminum headband yoke and folding hinge have what appears to be an anodized black finish, rather than the more standard bare metal, which is a good thing in this case because it will stand up better over time.

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The 40mm hi-definition drivers are engineered to deliver House of Marley’s signature powerful sound within a comfortable wireless experience. Hybrid active noise cancellation through dual sets of integrated microphones allows you to tune out the world and focus on your music. When you need to engage with your surroundings, simply switch to monitor mode and allow the outside in.

Bluetooth wireless connectivity lets you listen to your favorite playlists with your mobile device. An onboard mic and remote functionality are included for hands-free calling, voice command activation, and playback control. An onboard rechargeable battery provides up to 24 hours of power and the headphones come with a custom braided aux cable for wired connectivity. The foldaway design makes it easy to take these portable over-ears with you on your next journey and the headphones fit conveniently in the included Marley REWIND farbic stash bag.

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