High-Performance Construction Equipment: Potain and CAT Models

The heavy-duty equipment manufacturing market is constantly expanding. Contributing to this growth are the new-age technologies, R&D, and tremendous investments of the brands. For example, the latest cranes and telehandlers are engineered to cater to various scale project requirements.

To exemplify, telehandlers facilitate immensely in the complex loads' carriage from one location to another. The advanced compact frames & tremendous maneuvering technology make it possible. These features aid in accessing adverse working sites. On the other hand, cranes are deployed to lift and transport heavy materials at a greater & remote height.

Potain MCT85 Crane

This equipment features several advanced technologies that deliver high performance. To illustrate, this construction crane model has a tremendous lifting capacity of 6 tonnes. This functionality, in particular, helps infra professionals scale output by significant numbers. This is because the machine can easily carry heavy loads in one go. 

Besides, the 60 meters of boom increases work efficiency. Additionally, this equipment can reach as high as 208 meters above the ground level. Such a tremendous reach facilitates smooth material transportation to a remote height. Besides, the jib length of 60 further increases the work efficiency. Above all, the price range of this model ranges between Rs. 34 Lakh and Rs 36 Lakh. 

CAT TH330B Telehandler

This heavy-duty equipment model is often backed by infra professionals, thanks to its smart features. To begin with, this telehandler surpasses major output expectations with its 3.5 Tonnes of lifting capacity.

Additionally, the machine can reach up to a height of 7 meters. This subsequently facilitates material movement to a distant height. Moreover, the equipment features a high-performing engine which can produce up to 75 Hp. Besides, the machine can operate at a maximum speed of 40 Km/hr. Engineered with such advanced technologies, the model comes with a price range of Rs. 39-41 Lakh in India. Now, given the features, its pricing is quite reasonable.

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