Quantum Machine Learning Platforms Empowering Small Businesses

With its enormous calculation speed, quantum computing (QC) has the potential to tackle a wide range of issues that traditional computers struggle to handle. The study of the nexus between quantum computing and machine learning is known as quantum machine learning (QML). Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are searching for ways to use QML in all areas of science and technology. However, building quantum computers is a significant technical challenge; thus, with the help of QML algorithms and applications, numerous IT companies like IBM, Google, Xanadu, and many others have created several libraries and platforms that work as a subset of QC.

Top Three Scalable Quantum ML Platforms

Researchers and IT engineers have formulated a few QML cloud services that allow CEOs and IT professionals of SMEs and SMBs to have early access to quantum processing. Thus, to conduct a task properly, you need the right QML tools and applications. Here is a list of the top three QML platforms and tools:

IBM: Quantum Experience

IBM Q Experience, a product of IBM launched in May of 2016, is a cloud-based platform for programming and running quantum circuits on IBM’s quantum computers. It comes with several tools for creating and evaluating quantum machine-learning algorithms. Currently, this platform is offered on many transmon qubit processor-equipped quantum devices and simulators. Those with five and sixteen qubits can be accessed by everyone. However, the IBM Q Cloud Network offers devices up to 65 qubits.

Rigetti Computing: Forest

Forest, the first quantum-first cloud computing platform, was developed by a California-based startup IT company, Rigetti Computing. Its quantum processors (QPUs) are made available to users via the cloud and are seamlessly linked with classical computing infrastructure thanks to Quantum Cloud Services (QCS). With the help of the Forest SDK, users may create quantum programs in Quil, compile them, and execute them using a simulator.

Xanadu: Xanadu Quantum Cloud

Xanadu, an IT business started in Canada, offers Xanadu Quantum Cloud, which has three completely programmable photonic quantum computers, through cloud-based access. The company has a full-stack Python library with the codename Strawberry Fields, which is for designing, optimizing, and utilizing photonic quantum computers. This platform makes access to a unique set of near-term applications possible within quantum chemistry, finance, logistics, and cloud-based quantum machine learning.

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