AITech Interview with Nathan Stevenson, Founder and CEO at ForwardLane

Can you tell us about your journey and what motivated you to co-found ForwardLane, particularly focusing on AI’s role in financial services?

My journey into fintech came to me when I worked at the multi-asset alternative asset manager, CQS. There, we could find insights and act on them far ahead of financial institutions. When I saw how difficult it was for advisors to get to insights, I came up with the vision of an AI co-pilot for every financial advisor. With EMERGE, that vision is now a reality. EMERGE analyzes all your data to uncover opportunities and deliver insights tailored to each user and client.

ForwardLane is known for its proactive and personalized advisory platform. How does AI play a pivotal role in achieving this level of personalization and what sets it apart from traditional approaches?

EMERGE combines AI, data aggregation of portfolio, market data, marketing, behavioral, demographic and psychographic and natural language generation to provide hyper-personalized guidance. Imagine having a data scientist, a personal communications coach, and a strategist dedicated to each client – that’s the power of EMERGE. It detects signals and recommends next actions unique to the individual.

You’ve been a noted commentator on AI’s application in financial services. Could you share some specific examples of how AI has benefited asset managers and insurance distribution?

EMERGE digests and learns from your data enterprise-wide to reveal new distribution opportunities. It informs your sales teams which clients to focus on and what to talk about. It can create advisor profile briefs on the fly, and then recommend an engagement plan. The ROI can be game-changing.

ForwardLane’s AI platform combines NLP with enterprise data aggregation. Could you elaborate on how this combination enhances client engagement and provides personalized content?

EMERGE’s hybrid AI extracts insights you never knew existed from both structured and unstructured data. This gives a 360-degree view of each client by connecting the dots across siloed datasets. EMERGE GPT has all of these insights to seed accurate answers and provide advice on how to engage clients effectively.

In the context of ForwardLane’s offerings, could you explain how the API framework seamlessly integrates insights into existing workflows and CRM systems?

EMERGE seamlessly integrates guidance into your existing platforms. Imagine having your CRM proactively guide your next best action for each client interaction.

You have expertise in a wide range of areas including global capital markets, derivatives, and high-performance applications. How have these areas of expertise contributed to the development of ForwardLane’s technology and solutions?

My background in hedge fund quant finance, high-performance computing and high-frequency trading technology allows EMERGE to leverage institutional-grade analytics in a turnkey platform. The inefficiencies in large organizations, led us to create new tools to make life easier for enterprise users. EMERGE democratizes insight creation, data science, effective communications and client engagement for all users

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