What Is Bunion Treatment and How to Get Rid of Them?

When you have developed a bony bump on your big toe, and your big toe is moving towards the other toes, you will know that you have developed bunions. There can be a question in your mind whether bunions can be corrected without a surgery or only through surgery?

It is seen that podiatrists who are providing bunion treatment Florida will say that there are both ways to correct the bunion. It is totally dependent on the bunion type that you have developed on your feet. 

What Steps Will Podiatrists Suggest 

Podiatrists always prefer to non – surgical treatment of bunion, as a first step. While you will get help from podiatrists, there are over the counter treatments, and home remedies as well. There are effective ways to manage, and ease the pain. 

It is the podiatrists who will decide whether surgical or non- surgical methods are necessary, once they analyse your condition. It is an occasional situation that podiatrists may recommend surgery for treatment of bunions. 

They will also suggest you different treatments that you can try at home, as they understand the condition of your bunion. While you talk with the podiatrist, you will understand other method of treatment of bunions apart from surgery. 

 Methods To Get Rid of Bunion 

Wearing Right Shoes 

It is necessary that you should wear right footwear. You need to wear shoes that are wide near the toe area. The heel of the shoe should not be 1 to 2 inches. There should be good support for the arches of your foot. 

Avoid Flip-Flops

It is necessary that you should not wear flip- flop shoes that have no arch. Flip – flop shoes are going to put extra pressure on your toes. Podiatrists will not suggest such shoes, as part of bunion treatment Florida

Size Shoes by Comfort and Not by Number 

It is seen the different companies have different type of shoes. It is necessary that you should wear shoes that are comfortable for your feet. There should be use of inserts in your shoes. It will keep your foot in proper alignment so that the arch gets good support. 

Stretching Your Toes 

You need to wiggle your toes, while removing your shoes. You need to do the wiggling when you are at home, and work. It will surely pressure on your toes. 

Spacing Out Your Toes 

It is necessary that you should use toe spacers so that you can reduce pressure of your toes, and sleep comfortably at night. It is seen podiatrists will help you with regenerative medicine in Jupiter, Fl so that you have less irritation in your affected area. 

You will need to cover your bunions with pads so that you can put less pressure on the condition. While reducing the condition, you need to soak your feet in warm water. It will help to reduce the inflammation. 

You also need to use the ice packs to reduce swelling, and take anti – inflammatory drugs as well. It is also advised by podiatrists to rest your feet so that you can reduce pain, and swelling. 

Final Words 

While surgical method is the last stage to get of bunions, podiatrists will suggest non – surgical methods so that you can get rid of such condition.

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