eClinicalWorks Vs. AthenaHealth: A guide you can trust

Sorting among the many pieces of software that appear to be identical is the most difficult process. But it is clear that this is not the case. For you to rapidly contrast Athena EMR software with eClinicalWorks emr and determine for yourself what distinguishes them from one another, we have included an overview of the features, pricing, and demos of each.

What is eClinicalWorks EMR Software?

The eClinicalWorks (EHR) data solution makes it possible for medical offices to access electronic health records. By arranging patient information, creating appointment calendars, keeping track of visit totals, and paying for services, it tries to support medical staff. It also offers resources for patient involvement, revenue cycle management, and population health management.

eClinicalWorks EMR Features

Health Management

Using eClinicalWorks solutions, healthcare professionals can manage and keep an eye on the well-being of the patient populations they serve. In addition to providing doctors with instant access to and updates on patient data such as demographics, medical histories, allergies, medications, and lab results, the platform has a comprehensive patient record system.


Scheduling of Appointment 

Medical professionals can make patient appointments and plan their schedules using the software's appointment scheduling feature. The scheduling tools of eClinicalWorks EHR increase the efficiency of the front desk staff by making it simple for users to make significant changes to the appointment schedule.

Patient Portal

Through the patient portal, which also enables them to contact their doctors online, users of the software have access to information about their own health, including specifics regarding prescription prescriptions, nutritional supplements, test results, and billing. As a result, overall patient satisfaction and engagement are increasing.


eClinicalWorks EMR Pricing

There are three different eClinicalWorks pricing tiers that are offered: RCM as a Service, EHR plus Practise Management, and EHR Alone. Customers that purchase the $449–$559 per physician per month RCM tier of EHR subscriptions are eligible to receive 2.9% of practice collections without having to pay any start-up fees.

eClinicalWorks EMR Demo

Do you wish to learn more about the features of the program and determine whether they are appropriate for you? For additional information, request a eClinical Works demo right way.


eClinicalWorks EMR Reviews

There are a number of excellent eClinicalWorks reviews available about the software's overall usability and feature set.

AthenaHealth EHR Software

Thanks to AthenaHealth software, the clinical community in the US (as well as other nations) has had access to specialized IT services for many years. The company's AthenaHealth EMR medical practice management solution is highlighted in every list of comparisons. An extensive examination reveals that the software is ideal for smoothly managing your medical practice's business operations and patient data.

AthenaHealth EHR Features


Patient Engagement

It is made feasible byAthenaHealth EHR software, which streamlines payments, permits appointment self-scheduling, and provides health information online. Patients can use mobile devices to speak with doctors, review the findings of lab testing, and request medication refills. Automated reminders and notifications are also provided for appointments, payments, and aftercare.

Patients can examine their most recent medical information, medicines, and dietary supplements as well as easily schedule appointments using the patient interface of the AthenaHealth EMR. Additionally, healthcare practitioners can modify the platform's functionality to better meet the requirements of their practice, boost patient satisfaction, and minimise the manual scheduling that front desk staff must perform.


Clinical Notes

While examining the patient's previous data, you can use AthenaHealth to add clinical notes to the patient's chart. It should be easy to see the patient's vital signs, allergies, and medications. If you're the kind of doctor that writes their notes down on paper rather than a computer, you can utilize it to voice-record patient notes.


Electronic orders

It is possible to take notes while placing new test orders, adding diagnoses, and electronically prescribing drugs when using the AthenaHealth program. You will be requested to study the specifics of the diagnosis, prescription, and order after the appointment.


AthenaHealth EHR Pricing

For their emr pricing, Athenahealth offers encounter- and percent-based payment tiers. The Athenahealth software will be paid for by your practice using the percent-based system, which deducts a specified percentage of your practice's monthly revenue. Getting in touch with us will enable you to learn more about Athenahealth's pricing.

AthenaHealth EHR Demo

You may find out if AthenaHealth is a good fit for you by requesting a demo so that you can see how the program works in action.


AthenaHealth EHR Reviews

Reviews of AthenaHealth software found online indicate that people who follow modest practices have a particular fondness for it. Overall, there are not many user complaints.

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eClinicalWorks Vs. AthenaHealth —Final Thoughts

A well-known EHR program named eClinicalWorks is frequently used in the healthcare industry. Population health management is one of its many elements, and separate patient portals are another. Users of Windows, Chrome, and Mac browsers can access the platform from mobile devices. While this is going on, users of eClinicalWorks have voiced their displeasure with the user interface, complaining that it is a bit cluttered or unclear and consequently more difficult for inexperienced users to use.

For medical practices that require cutting-edge practice administration software and financial data, AthenaHealth has developed electronic medical record (EMR) software. Practitioners are looking for personalized guidance on how to maintain high earning levels. Small or newly founded practices that want to keep the cost of their medical software now can use a collections-based pricing model. These businesses, which are mainly small to medium-sized, are heavily focused on data-driven business and healthcare initiatives.

Medical practitioners can consult with more detailed information during consultations with the help of the EHR software, which displays real-time data and insights from a network of 135K clinicians. It is possible to swiftly and easily transmit patient records through the network thanks to the company's linkages to the national frameworks for exchanging health data, Carequality and CommonWell.

We really hope that our in-depth comparison of the two programs has aided you in making the right choice for your clinic.

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