The Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Box: A Unique Solution for Balcony Gardens

As city dwellers, it's easy to feel disconnected from nature. High-rise buildings and busy streets make it challenging to find space to grow plants, especially if you live in an apartment with only a small balcony.

But don't despair, there's a solution that can bring a touch of greenery to your urban oasis – the Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Box.

Versatile Design

The Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Box is designed to maximize space on balconies while providing ample room for plants to grow. Its slim dimensions and minimalist design make it an excellent choice for small balconies.

The tall, narrow shape is perfect for plants that need height, such as bamboo, snake plants, or ferns.

The planter box can hold several plants, making it a great option for creating a vertical garden that adds a touch of greenery to your outdoor space.


Durability is one of the key features that makes the Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Box an excellent investment for balcony gardeners. As a city dweller, you don't want to worry about your planter box falling apart or looking worn after just a few months.

Fiberglass is an ideal material for planters because it's resistant to water, rust, and scratches, which means it won't wear down easily.

The lightweight nature of the Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Box also makes it a practical choice for balcony gardeners. You can easily move it around your balcony to find the best spot for your plants or to clean your space.

Additionally, its portability allows you to experiment with different arrangements and create a dynamic, ever-changing environment for your plants.

For example, imagine having a tall narrow planter box filled with colorful flowers like petunias or pansies on your balcony. With a durable planter box like the Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Box, you won't have to worry about the weather or replacing the planter box for a long time.

Furthermore, if you ever decide to rearrange your balcony furniture, you can quickly move the planter box to another location without straining your back or risking damage to the planter.


The Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Box comes in three different sizes and over 45 different colors, so you can find the perfect match for your balcony.

You can choose from low gloss or high gloss finishes, with or without drainage holes. You can opt for a neutral shade that complements the color scheme of your balcony or go for a bold, eye-catching color that adds a pop of color to your space.

The planter box's versatility makes it easy to create a cohesive look on your balcony.

Practical Example

Imagine you have a small balcony with limited space, and you want to add some greenery to your outdoor area. You choose the Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Box in a high gloss finish in navy blue.

You decide to plant bamboo in the planter box to add height and create a natural privacy screen. You place the planter box against the balcony railing to maximize space and create a cozy seating area.

The result is a stylish and functional balcony that feels like an outdoor oasis.

In Conclusion

The Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Box is a unique solution for balcony gardens. Its slim design, durability, and customizability make it an excellent choice for small outdoor spaces. The planter box is versatile, practical, and stylish, making it the perfect addition to any balcony.

With Pots Planters & More's wide range of sizes and colors, you're sure to find the right Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Box for your balcony garden.

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