Shop Fitting Companies in Scotland

Shop fitting is a profession that involves the fit-out of retail outlets with equipment and fixtures. The process starts with a survey and measurement of the space, and may include preparing design drawings for submission to the client. Then, the shop fitter arranges for the purchase of standard equipment and produces bespoke furniture.

Chas Smith Group

Chas Smith Group is a privately owned company that manufactures and sells bespoke metal fabrications. The joinery services Scotland company provides services for retail, hospitality, and commercial projects, and is based in the UK. Its clients include Starbucks, The Royal National Theatre, and the Museum of Modern Art. Its products include custom-made cabinets, retail fixtures, and wall units. The company also offers a range of architectural and design services.

The company has more than 100 employees. Its services include CAD modeling, CAM programming, and CNC machining. In addition, it offers project management and installation services. Its employees are skilled at working with various materials, including wood, glass, and leather. The company has been in business for more than 40 years.

Before joining Roku, Smith was a marketing director for Avid Technology, and ran worldwide sales and marketing for the company’s video product division. He has a bachelor’s degree in music and an MBA from the University of Southern California. He has also worked as a keyboardist in a Cleveland rock band, and wrote music for radio and TV advertising jingles.

In the world of real-world acoustic experimentation, there is no one more maverick than Chas Smith. A welder by trade, he transforms disused metal into unique instruments. His creations, which include metal rods in a helix spiral and bass strings over steel sheeting, look like industrial metallic sculptures but are ingeniously designed to accurately play musical notes.

Smith is a master of many genres, and his versatility has helped him to become a sought-after consultant. He has spent time working on other artists’ works, such as Chris Burden’s massive Medusa’s Head and Nancy Rubin’s colossal sculpture of trailers. He has even welded for the 1992 MOCA LA “Helter Skelter” exhibit.

In addition to his work with film and music, Smith has written adventure/travel stories for Playboy, Esquire, and GQ, and is the former editor-at-large for Surfing magazine. He has also traveled extensively and covered surf stories in Lebanon, Yemen, Somalia, the North Shore of Australia, and other locations around the globe. He lives in Los Angeles.

GDP Design & Shopfitting Ltd

GDP Design & Shop fitting Aberdeen Ltd is an established company with more than 30 years of experience in specialist fit-out services. They offer a nationwide comprehensive service, including refrigeration equipment, shelving, flooring, suspended ceilings, counters and catering equipment. They have worked with a variety of business types, including convenience stores, newsagents, card/gift shops, off licenses, petrol station forecourts and post offices.

When choosing a shop fitter, it is important to find one who has experience in the industry and can help with the design process. This ensures the store will be designed in an efficient way that maximizes space and profits. The right company will also know what products are best for the type of retail store, and can advise on the best display solutions.

Another consideration is the budget. Most business owners do not have unlimited funds to spend on a refit, so it is important to find a company that can provide a quote that includes all aspects of the work and is not overly expensive. Lastly, a good shop fitter will be open to discussing their pricing with the customer and explaining each cost so that the business owner can make an informed decision. This makes the process of selecting a company much easier.

Havelock Europa

Havelock Europa is a UK-based interior solutions company that designs, manufactures and installs furniture and other fit outs for schools, retail, financial services, health, hotels and office premises. Its head office and factory are located in Kirkcaldy, with offices also in Mansfield, Loughborough, and internationally, in Shanghai. The company has more than 300 employees.

The Fife-based firm’s shares were suspended earlier this week as it sought urgent funding to avoid collapse. In a stock market statement, the directors said that if they fail to secure funds within 10 business days, they will appoint administrators.

In addition to the company’s own research, Havelock Europa carries out extensive market and consumer research to identify new buyer habits and purchasing trends. It also identifies potential gaps in the market for new products. This research enables the Havelock Europa to target their marketing communications to specific consumer groups.

As a result, Havelock Europa is able to achieve high sales and revenue levels. In addition, the company has a strong cash flow, which enables it to engage in strategic plans for future business growth. However, the company faces challenges in a few areas. For example, its lack of innovation has limited its competitiveness in the market. Moreover, its product offerings are similar to those of its competitors. Consequently, the company has struggled to gain first-mover advantage in the market (Park, 2020).

The Havelock Europa has a number of strengths that have led to its recent success. The company’s leadership places a great emphasis on idea generation and supporting structured NPD processes. This has helped to improve the quality of its products and increase the efficiency of the supply chain. In addition, Havelock Europa has a strong management team with experience in the industry. This has helped the company to maintain a high level of customer service and build a good reputation in the market. In addition, the company has developed a comprehensive risk management policy to protect its assets and customers. In addition, the company has a wide range of financing options that can help to meet the needs of its clients.


KDM is one of the UK’s most experienced and successful fit out contractors with a history of delivering complex modern and cosmopolitan design solutions for some of the world’s largest retailers. Their services include bespoke design manufacturing, washroom solutions and cladding implementation. Their team of experienced designers are able to work with you to create a fit-out solution that meets your specific requirements and fits in with the overall brand personality of your store.

Their extensive product range includes everything from shop merchandising shelving to pharmacy dispensing drawers and barrier and queuing systems. They can also provide point of sale displays, mannequins and hangers, retail lighting, signage, and wall mounted dispensers. Their high-quality products are manufactured in their Dalgety Bay, Fife, manufacturing complex.

They have a proven track record of working with a diverse range of businesses including convenience stores, petrol station forecourts and post offices, newsagents, green grocers, garages and pawn brokers. They also offer a nationwide service and can help you transform your shop into a space that is bespoke to your business.

They are a great choice for retailers who want to give their stores a modern and contemporary look without spending a fortune. KDM is a more economical option than hallmark gold and still looks like the real thing. Hallmark gold, on the other hand, has a higher resale value and is more durable than sterling silver.

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