The Top Five Best Augmented Analytics Tools of 2024!

In this digital age, data is the new oil, especially with the emergence of augmented analytics as a game-changing tool that has the potential to transform how businesses harness this vast technological resource for strategic advantages. Earlier, the whole data analysis process was tedious and manual, as each project would have taken weeks or months to get executed. At the same time, other teams had to eagerly wait to get the correct information and further make decisions and actions that would benefit the business’s future.

Therefore, to pace up the business process, the data science team required a better solution to make faster decisions with deeper insights. That’s where an organization needs to depend on tools such as augmented analytics. Augmented analytics combines artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) to enhance the data analytics processes, making them more accessible, faster, and less prone to human error.

Organizations using augmented analytics report up to a 40% reduction in data preparation time and a 30% increase in insight generation speed. Furthermore, augmented analytics automates data preparation, insight generation, and visualization, enabling users to gain valuable insights from data without extensive technical expertise.


Yellowfin specializes in dashboards and data visualization that have inbuilt ML algorithms that provide automated answers in the form of an easy guide for all the best practices in visualizations and narratives. It has a broad spectrum of data sources, including cloud and on-premises databases such as spreadsheets, which enables easy data integration for analysis. The platform comes pre-built with a variety of dashboards for data scientists that can embed interactive content into third-party platforms, such as a web page or company website, allowing users of all expertise levels to streamline their business processes and report creation and sharing. However, when compared to other augmented analytics tools, Yellowfin had issues updating the data in their dashboard on every single update, which poses a challenge for SMEs and SMBs while managing costs and eventually impacts overall business performance.


Sisense is one of the most user-friendly augmented analytics tools available for businesses that are dealing with complex data in any size or format. The software allows data scientists to integrate data and discover insights through a single interface without scripting or coding, allowing them to prepare and model data. Eventually allows chief data officers (CDOs) to make an AI-driven analytics decision-making process. However, the software is extremely difficult to use, with complicated data models and an average support response time. In terms of pricing, Sisense functions on a subscription pricing model and offers a one-month trial period for interested buyers; however, the exact pricing details are not disclosed.

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