Unlocking the Top Five Open-Source Database Management Software

Cloud computing has opened new doors for business applications and programs to utilize databases to store data every day worldwide. These databases are well-known for securing data and making it accessible only to channels where the chief data officer (CDO) permits. Previously, organizations depended on database-paid suites, which were expensive and limited in options; however, now IT organizations have open-source databases for all their data, as these are affordable and flexible. However, it is often difficult to find the right cloud database service provider that will not only store the data of your company but also transfer it to the database, while data professionals can access it anywhere with an internet connection.

In this review article by AITech Park, we will explore the top five open-source cloud databases that can be used by IT professionals to build robust applications.

Apache CouchDB

CouchDB by Apache is a database duplication tool that deters data loss in the event of network failure or any other pipeline failure. The software creates a dedicated database system that can operate efficiently on ordinary hardware, not just by deploying on one server node but also as a single analytical system across numerous nodes in a cluster, which can be mounted as needed by adding more servers. For a seamless operation, the database uses JSON documents to store data and JavaScript as its query language. Further, it also supports MVCC and the ACID properties in individual documents.


MySQL is one of the most popular and oldest open-source databases, and it is known as its best database for web-based apps such as Trello and Gmail. The database software uses the Structured Query Language (SQL), which lets data professionals store data in tables, develop indexes on the data, and query the data. MySQL supports an expansive variety of techniques and has a very low probability of getting the data corrupted as it gears for transactional uses, further supporting analytics and machine learning (ML) applications.


PostgreSQL became popular among data professionals and developers around 1995 when it started working as a SQL language interpreter, and decades later it became a popular open-source cloud database. This database software offers full RDBMS features, such as ACID compliance, SQL querying, and clearance for procedural language queries to develop stored procedures and stimuli in databases. PostgreSQL also supports enterprise applications that demand complex transactions and high levels of concurrency, and occasionally for data warehousing. It also supports multi-version concurrency control (MVCC), so data can be read and edited by various users at the same time, and it also sustains other varieties of database objects.

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