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Sean, can you introduce yourself to our audience and share the inspiration behind founding Blink?

I’m Sean and I am the co-founder and CEO of Blink, the super-app for frontline workers. Blink brings all the benefits of digital connection to the frontline worker – bringing everyone and everything together, closing the connection gap that exists between desk-based and frontline colleagues. Our app gives employees a single entry point to everything they need to support their working life – communications, productivity tools, people and processes, all through one app on their phones.

Blink was born out of challenges I experienced at a former company of mine. A large proportion of our workforce was remote and met only occasionally for quick company updates. I noticed that so many team members were struggling to feel connected to each other and their team leaders, and the entire culture suffered as a result.

I made it my aim to change that experience and, after listening to what my colleagues said would genuinely have the most impact, set about creating technology that would deliver meaningful, positive change to workers’ roles.

This turned out to be the very first iteration of Blink. And while there were a few bumps in the road getting our tech to hit the mark, we eventually nailed our proposition and target market, and quickly won our first major client, launching to 24,000 workers at Stagecoach, in 2019.

Blink extends the digital revolution to every worker – so everyone feels connected, but also allows companies to digitise their entire end-to-end operations – lowering costs and increasing staff satisfaction. It’s true win-win.

Today, we serve more than 300 leading frontline-first companies like Domino’s, Tonkotsu, Saint Luke’s Hospital, Elara Caring and Falck Ambulance.

What benefits do companies gain from utilizing Blink’s product?

Frontline workers face numerous different challenges on a daily basis: isolation, working in silos, a lack of connectivity and collaboration, no direct channel of communication with their superiors, limited access to flexible working, no meaningful way to share feedback or ask for support, outdated reporting and forms – the list goes on. Blink puts all this – and a lot more – in the palm of their hands. Taking away huge amounts of friction, frustration and cost by simplifying how people work.

For example, by offering single sign-on, mobile-enabled access to all critical tech applications, we greatly improve accessibility and uptake. We allow employers to build easy-to-access content hubs so workers can access important information and resources whenever they need it. We replace paper trails with simple and intuitive mobile forms, helping employees improve efficiency, and we eradicate convoluted IT support tickets so that time-poor workers are not put off asking for assistance. Secure mobile-first chats facilitate better communication, while mandatory reads can ensure employees don’t inadvertently delete important updates.

All of these tools – which are available through our super-app – help ensure frontline employees’ needs are being met and that they are valued and respected by their employers, something which can have a transformative impact on company culture, leading to greater productivity, higher retention rates and overall business growth.

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