Ryan Welsh, Chief Executive Officer of Kyndi – AITech Interview

Explainability is crucial in AI applications. How does Kyndi ensure that the answers provided by its platform are explainable and transparent to users?

Explainability is a key Kyndi differentiator and enterprise users generally view this capability as critical to their brand as well as necessary to meet regulatory requirements in certain industries like the pharmaceutical and financial services sectors.

Kyndi uniquely allows users to see the specific sentences that feed the resulting generated summary produced by GenAI. Additionally, we further enable them to click on each source link to get to the specific passage rather than just linking to the entire document, so they can read additional context directly. Since users can see the sources of every generated summary, they can gain trust in both the answers and the organization to provide relevant information. This capability directly contrasts with ChatGPT and other GenAI solutions, which do not provide any sources or have the ability to utilize only relevant information to generate summaries. While some vendors may technically provide visibility into the sources, there will be so many to consider that it would render the information impractical to use.

Generative AI and next-generation search are evolving rapidly. What trends do you foresee in this space over the next few years?

The key trend in the short term is that many organizations were initially swept up in the hype of GenAI and then witnessed issues such as inaccuracy via hallucinations, the difficulty in interpreting and incorporating domain-specific information, explainability, and security challenges with proprietary information.

The emerging trend that organizations are starting to understand is that the only way to enable trustworthy GenAI is to implement an elegant solution that combines LLMs, vector databases, semantic data models, and GenAI technologies seamlessly to deliver direct and accurate answers users can trust and use right away. As organizations realize that it is possible to leverage their trusted enterprise content today, they will deploy GenAI solutions sooner and with more confidence rather than continuing their wait-and-see stance.

How do you think Kyndi is positioned to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of AI and search technology?

Kyndi seems to be in the right place at the right time. ChatGPT has shown the world what is possible and opened a lot of eyes to new ways of doing business. But that doesn’t mean that all solutions are enterprise ready as OpenAI openly admits that it is inaccurate too often to be usable by organizations. Kyndi has been working on this problem for 8 years and has a production-ready solution that addresses the problems of hallucinations, adding domain-specific information, explainability, and security today.

In fact, Kyndi is one of a few vendors offering an end-to-end complete solution that integrates language embeddings, LLM, vector databases, semantic data models, and GenAI on the same platform, allowing enterprises to get to production 9x faster than other alternative approaches. As organizations compare Kyndi to other options, they are seeing that the possibilities suggested by the release of ChatGPT are actually achievable right now.

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