Business Idea: Transform Digital Products into Physical Products

If you’re already selling e-books or other downloadable information products, then you know just how lucrative it can be to turn your words into cash. Indeed, selling e-books is just one path to $10,000 per month. Here’s another:

Start selling your digital products as physical products…

and pocket a hefty profit!

There are a few good reasons why you should do this:

  1. a) Physical products carry a higher perceived value. When someone can hold a product in his or her hands, it’s often viewed as having more value than a digital product. In other words, the exact same paper book is valued more than the digital version sitting on their hard drive.

You benefit from this perception because it generally allows you to charge more for the product.

Example: A small e-book package that you charge $100 for could easily become a $500 home study course. The actual printing cost ends up being just a few dollars per book… and you get to pocket the rest as pure profit!

  1. b) Physical products incur fewer refunds. When people have to actually “work” to get their refund, you’ll find fewer people casually asking for refunds as opposed to the “serial refunders” you’ve likely encountered when selling e-books. That’s why print products incur fewer refunds, because customers are required to ship the product back to you. End result: You get to keep more of your profits!
  2. c) Physical products are sometimes viewed as more “respectable,” which elevates your status in your niche. Finally, offering a physical product almost instantly positions you as an expert in your niche, which fosters trusts and spurs sales. It doesn’t even matter if you’re self-publishing a book – some people have a tendency to view authors of print books as more reputable than e-book authors.
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