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Benzyl Acetate is an organic compound with a chemical formula C9H10O2. It is a colorless liquid with a pleasant, sweet, and floral fragrance, often used as a flavoring agent in food and beverages, as well as in the fragrance industry. It is synthesized through the esterification of benzyl alcohol and acetic acid. Benzyl Acetate finds applications in perfumes, cosmetics, and various industrial products due to its pleasant aroma and ability to impart fruity and floral notes. Additionally, it serves as a solvent in different applications and is an essential intermediate in the production of other chemicals.

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Key Details About the Benzyl Acetate Price Trend:

During the first half of 2023, the global Benzyl Acetate price witnessed significant price fluctuations. Initially, prices in Asia rose due to trade normalization, stable market demand, and improved freight conditions. However, as Q2 approached, prices declined as inventories became saturated and demand from downstream solvent industries decreased. Europe experienced a similar oscillating trend, with limited Chinese imports affecting Q1 prices, while increased supply impacted Q2. The North American market displayed fluctuating prices linked to downstream demand in Q1, followed by a decline after April due to rising inventory levels.

Industrial Uses Impacting the Benzyl Acetate Price Trend:

Benzyl Acetate is widely used as a solvent in plastics, resins, nitrates, oils, and lacquers due to its effective dissolving and mixing capabilities. Its low toxicity and pleasant aroma also make it favorable for these industrial applications.

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TCI Chemicals
Nimble Manufacturing Technology
Krishna Chemical
Kadillac Chemicals Private

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