AI Delivers Personalized Gift Recommendations for Retail Holiday Success

The holiday shopping experience has come a long way, from customers battling crowds of shoppers in a busy mall or market to the convenience of browsing online. Today, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered shopping solutions have changed the game entirely. Even retailers have embraced the competitive advantage of AI shopping, with the expectation that AI will drive their sales in the holiday season of 2023.

This article will discuss how retailers can excel in holiday sales with AI-powered gift choices.

Why Are Retailers Embracing AI Shopping?

According to a global survey, around 71% of retailers have embraced AI this holiday season with the belief that it will enhance the shopping experience for their customers, with 69% expecting AI to boost seasonal revenue and increase customer satisfaction. This optimization fueled the belief that customers will purchase more when AI is embraced by retailers. Let’s see why in-store or online retailers are embracing AI shopping with some examples:

AI Helps Enhance the Customer Experience

Thanks to AI, retailers can make the customer journey much more convenient and engaging. Customers no longer have to wait in long lines when they adopt the buy-online and pick-up-in-store concepts.

A great example is Zara’s AI robot, which elevates the in-store shopping experience. Zara introduced AI robots, which help customers avoid long lines and reduce their waiting time; rather, customers can buy the product online and visit the shop to pick it up. The robot further fetches the product from the back of the automated retail store and speeds up the in-store collection process.

AI Driving Sustainability in Retail

According to the IBM Institute of Business Value, around 84% of customers prefer sustainable brands, and AI has the potential to achieve zero-waste initiatives. This is a good example of on-demand manufacturing, where it not only solves the problem of personalization for customers but also leads to fewer returns and a decrease in CO2 emissions.

One of the best examples is that H&M Group has harnessed the power of AI to make fast fashion sustainable. In 2021, H&M launched the Body Scan Jeans pilot project, where customers could have their bodies 3D scanned in-store, enabling them to try different denim colors and styles virtually.  

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