Top Offbeat Gems of Munnar You Should Not Overlook

Munnar is a popular hill station in Kerala. With its abundance of lush greenery, tea plantations, & many other tourist places, this  ‘Scotland of the South’ has always attracted tourists from India & abroad. Moreover, tourists love to grab Munnar tourism packages to experience all they want to see. Well, there is no dearth of top sites you will come across here during your weekend visit, but today, in this blog, we want to draw your attention to some of the top offbeat gems of Munnar that you should not miss exploring.

Before we move on to the listing of those exciting spots, let us tell you in brief what makes Munnar a desired travel escapade from your monotonous lifestyle is its gifted scenic natural beauty, a lush carpet of greenery, pleasant climate, seamless mountains, 4,000 hectares of tea gardens, Ayurvedic treatments, backwaters, pristine atmosphere, a wide range of flora & fauna. Now let us flock on to our listing of:

Best offbeat gems of Munnar every traveller must explore

Here are those offbeat attractions in Munnar that deserve your attention when visiting this beautiful hill town of Kerala. Let’s begin with:

  • Viripara Falls

If you cannot control your excitement in beholding the exciting view of cascading waterfalls, then Viripara Falls comes as one of the hidden gems in Munnar to visit. It is very near to the main town, at just 15 km. Apart from capturing the wonderful sight of Viripara Falls, you can even bathe under its gushing water flow, as the terrain here is very suitable. It is a perfect spot to bring your family & friends, & spend a great time here. The place even has facilities like bathroom & parking space. 

  • Carmelagiri Elephant Park

Are you interested in having a jumbo ride? If your answer is yes, welcome to Carmelagiri Elephant Park in Munnar, where you can have a great experience riding on the back of an elephant. Even though there is nothing new in catching the spot of these brilliant giant species for any traveller, riding their backs is a rare experience that no animal lover would skip. Under the supervision of a guide, you can gently caress them with love.

  • Silent Valley

Silent Valley, as the name suggests, is an ideal spot for nature lovers & peace seekers. This place is worth visiting as it is dotted with verdant greens, eucalyptus forests, & mountains. The picturesque beauty of this travel spot will make you stay here for a long time. Another reason that defines its importance is it's being a popular shooting location for many Malayalam films here. Hence, it is a must-visit in your 2-day Munnar itinerary travel plan. 

  • Photo Point

Photo Point is also one of the offbeat gems in Munnar that no traveller should miss when coming here for vacation. Standing true to its name, this place is a perfect haven for photographers, who can capture natural attraction in their lenses when exploring every bit of it. When sightseeing at this photogenic place, you will come across beautiful trees & surrounding hills. 

  • Echo Point

Echo Point is an ideal place for love birds, who can express their love by shouting each other’s name as loud as possible. While you make noise, you will notice your voice echoing from nearby mountains. To believe this fact, you should visit here with your darling partner in the misty morning, & check it for yourself. There are other tourist attractions nearer to this spot. 

  • Meesapulimala

Experience walking amidst the clouds by visiting Meesapulimala. Trekking here is one of the best adventure activities to do in Munnar. Nestled in the Rhodo Valley, it is one of the best sightseeing attractions for tourists. When you finally reach the Meesapulimala Peak via trekking, you can see the breathtaking views of Munnar. 

  • Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Last on the list is Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, the best retreat for wildlife lovers. When visiting this place, you can glimpse several endangered wild species, including Hanuman monkeys, giant squirrels, elephants, tufted grey langurs, chitals, crocodiles, slender loris, tiger, leopard, & gaur. Apart from these animals, the sanctuary is also a great place for birdwatchers who can spot numerous bird species here. It is also known for its medicinal plants, river trekking, camping, & nature trail. 

Top Resort for your staycation in Munnar

To experience all these offbeat attractions in Munnar, booking your staycation in this hill town of Kerala is essential. When it comes to browsing, then there are many options you will scroll through. But why waste your time when you can bank on jüSTa Rangers, Munnar

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Regarding dining, the resort has an in-house pure vegetarian multi-cuisine restaurant named East Cafe. It provides an extensive array of delectable dishes with rich flavours. Here, you can savour various cuisines, including South Indian, North Indian, & Andhra. Its wide range of sumptuous & authentic dishes caters to different tastes & preferences. 


If you want to plan a wonderful weekend vacation in Kerala, take advantage of the offbeat spots in Munnar, apart from other well-known attractions in this hilly green town. This place has abundant attractions, making it an ideal destination for family vacationers, honeymooners, & lone travellers. To make your travel journey hassle-free, booking a hotel that ensures all kinds of luxury amenities is better. For your convenience, we have recommended a better option for your stay in Munnar.

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