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Oxbet is a famous name in the online betting world in today's new technology era. Although newly established, it has attracted millions of new players every year and received absolute trust from "veteran" players. So why is this house so hot? Let's explore the interesting information summarized in the following article. 

A few words about the 5-star brand Oxbet 

Oxbet was founded in 2016 in Dubai , a wealthy United Arab Emirates country. The bookmaker has a legal betting license from the Online Gambling Association and is recognized by the world's leading gambling management agency, so players can feel secure. about quality as well as fairness and transparency. 

Not only reputation, what makes Oxbet 's brand also lies in the diversity of game genres such as sports betting, live casino, virtual sports, e-sports,... along with countless flexible betting methods. , interesting. The house always knows how to innovate and accept players' suggestions, so the game system is increasingly improved, promising to bring the best experiences at all times.

New Oxbet access link updated in August 2023

When participating in betting, players are always most concerned about finding an official link to avoid being faked by bad guys with the purpose of fraudulently appropriating property and stealing personal information. Understanding that, we have compiled reputable and accurate links that are continuously updated below:

OxbetLink Officially Registers the Latest Bookmaker Oxbet Today

Check out the reasons that help Oxbet "win" with its members

Although the market today has many entertainment bookmakers, Oxbet still occupies a certain position. With only a short time of operation, the growth rate and the number of members registering and participating every day increased rapidly. This makes some new players confused, let's take a look at the formidable reasons below:

The game store is amazing with a series of top games

The first reason gamers have to join right away is the unprecedented treasure trove of amazing games. Oxbet cooperates with many major publishers, providing millions of entertainment products in all genres to meet the needs of global players. If you don't believe it, let's explore the vast and unique game world as follows:

Start all the fun with Oxbet online casino

Compared to playing regular casinos, Oxbet online casino seems to be much more outstanding because there are so many outstanding advantages seen in this form. Coming to Oxbet casino, players will experience a feeling as authentic as international casinos. Oxbet online card playing is provided from reputable game houses such as Vivo, Evolution Gaming to ensure quality, typically:

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Sic Bo
  • RouletteStart all the fun with online casino at Oxbet

Oxbet green sports betting with big and small prizes

Oxbet online sports betting is its biggest strength, the service that has made it a globally famous success. Currently, the house is providing 3 game halls: hall A, hall K and hall E with countless exciting matches of football, volleyball, car racing, and horse racing. Each lobby has countless attractive bets and huge payout rates. 

In addition, there are many forms of betting for you to choose from to increase the drama and have a chance to receive high rewards such as cross bets, bets on the total number of goals in the match, bets on the first scorer, etc. Moreover, Oxbet also gave detailed, easy-to-understand instructions and conveyed experience to newcomers as

well as those who want to find the right strategy for themselves.

Oxbet online sports betting is its biggest strength

Dreaming of getting rich is within reach with the 1 to 99 lottery

Online lottery is Oxbet 's pride with outstanding advantages such as meeting needs anytime, anywhere, interesting, safe and secret ways to play, high number of players creating drama, high payout rates. High rewards attract gamers from all over the world to bet. The house always updates and provides the hottest lottery games today such as:

  • XSMB
  • XSMT 
  • XSMN
  • Online Lottery 
  • Super Speed ​​Lottery
  • Mega 6/45
  • Vip Lottery 

Explore Oxbet slot game without fear of boredom

Slot game Oxbet is one of the solid monuments up to the present time. Developed based on legendary gambling masterpieces with a majestic interface and rich content that makes any participating gamer passionate. Each game brings a rare new experience, suggesting some names worth trying such as:

  • Zeus Slot
  • Book of Oz
  • Lucky Twins
  • Chinese Zodiax
  • Lucky Bull

Oxbet slot game brings many interesting experiences

Go back in time with the traditional card game lobby

Coming to the house, you must definitely try once with the unique traditional card game system. The rules of the game remain the same, but the form and reward rate have changed to be more attractive and dramatic. With only a deck of 52 cards, you can freely interact, show off your level, defeat all opponents and bring victory to your hand, some attractive Oxbet online card games such as :

  • Mau Binh
  • Poker
  • Lieng
  • Sam Loc
  • Phom
  • Poker element
  • Blackjack
  • Tien Len

Cockfighting is extremely exciting with passionate fighters

Oxbet focuses on developing the traditional cockfighting entertainment genre with extremely exciting fights. Live video from the arena with sharp images and vivid sound gives viewers a realistic feeling. In addition, there is also a odds table with all kinds of attractive odds and attractive bonus rates for bettors to comfortably live out their passion right at home. 

Gathering major domestic, regional and international tournaments to meet the needs of global viewers. You can freely choose one of your favorite halls such as: Dao cockfighting, Iron spurs, Bamboo chicken, Thomo chicken, Cambodian chicken,... and join in cheering easily. Just spend a small amount of money and you will have the opportunity to get rich quickly after dramatic battles.

Shoot fish enthusiastically, pick up gold immediately

Oxbet successfully conquered the hearts of gamers thanks to the high-quality fish shooting genre. Diverse content, clearly graded game lobby from basic to advanced corresponding to attractive bet levels and rewards. Your job is to transform into excellent fishermen, trying to use advanced weapons to destroy all marine species to recover the treasure.

In each game you will see the appearance of many different fish species, each with its own characteristics and bonuses. The 3 most special types of fish are: gold fish, silver fish and black fish, accompanied by 7 gun levels from lowest to strongest. Players can receive bonus coins, cash or upgraded trophies, and fish shooting support after defeating

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