6 Common Clinical Applications of a Dental CBCT Machine

Dentists use Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) for various procedures that require detailed three-dimensional imaging of the oral and maxillofacial structures. High-quality CBCT images are unrivaled for capturing anatomical details of soft tissues and oral structure. Here are six common procedures where dental CBCT is employed:

  1. Implant Planning and Placement: Dental CBCT scans allow dentists to accurately assess the quantity and quality of bone, evaluate the proximity of vital structures (such as nerves and sinuses), and plan the precise placement of dental implants. High-image quality also provides a three-dimensional view of the jawbone, helping dentists choose the optimal implant size, angle, and location for successful implant placement.

  2. Endodontic Evaluation: Cone beam CT scans aid in the evaluation and treatment planning of complex endodontic cases. It provides detailed images of root canal anatomy, allowing dentists to assess the number, shape, and position of canals accurately. This information helps in determining the appropriate treatment approach, locating calcified canals, and detecting periapical lesions.

  3. Impacted Tooth Assessment: Dental CBCT is beneficial in assessing impacted teeth, such as wisdom teeth (third molars), canines, and premolars. It provides a clear view of the tooth's position, orientation, and relationship to adjacent structures, helping dentists determine the appropriate treatment approach, including orthodontic intervention or surgical extraction.

  4. TMJ Evaluation: Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders can be evaluated using dental CBCT. It helps dentists visualize the bony structures of the TMJ, assess condylar position, identify joint abnormalities, and evaluate any signs of osteoarthritis, disc displacement, or other TMJ pathologies.

  5. Orthodontic Treatment Planning: Dental CBCT assists dentists in comprehensive orthodontic treatment planning. It allows for accurate assessment of dental and skeletal relationships, evaluation of tooth movement patterns, identification of root resorption, visualization of airway dimensions, and assessment of craniofacial structures. This information aids in designing individualized orthodontic treatment plans.

  6. Maxillofacial Trauma Assessment: Dental CBCT is valuable in assessing maxillofacial trauma, such as fractures of the facial bones. Cone beam CT scanners provide detailed images that help dentists identify the location, extent, and displacement of fractures, aiding in treatment planning and surgical interventions.

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